Millennials are one of the Most Important and Misunderstood Demographics

The Council of Economic Advisors for The White House have officially recognized that the Millennial Generation will shape the American economy for decades to come.

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October 2016

Social Media Strategy is More Than Retweets, Likes & Shares

Since Facebook introduced Business Pages in 2008, the world of Social Media has completely changed.

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April 2016

The Mobile Revolution Calls for an Advertising Evolution

It's no secret that we live in a mobile-connected world, with 98% of all adults owning some form of mobile device.

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February 2016

Sensory Marketing Turns Boring into Memorable

According to the most recent Nielsen survey, consumers are hit with 8,500 promotional messages a day.

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January 2016

In the New Age of Marketing to Women, Don't Overlook the Obvious

Approximately half of the U.S. workforce is comprised of women, and 70 percent of them are moms with children under the age of 18.

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October 2015

Elevate Your Luxury Game Plan to New Heights

Luxury purchases account for close to 46 million adults in the US, according to a recent study published by Shullman Research Center. According to Shullman, 85% of all luxury

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September 2015

Our Newest Forté

We have acquired Dallas-based Forté Group, Inc., a leading public relations, brand, marketing and digital communications agency focused on senior living. As a result of the acquisition, we will form a new affiliate agency,

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August 2015

Does Your Marketing Have A Generational Gap?

Technology makes it easier to pinpoint your target audience. TRUE. That's the end game. FALSE.

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July 2015

Chasing 25 Year Olds

It used to be easy to lure a 25-year-old into your web of brand messaging, now you have to find them to even talk to them. The Department of Education projects a staggering 1,855,000 college graduates in the Class of 2015,

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June 2015

Just Measure It

It seems that more and more people are wearing bracelets, armbands, clips and now watches for the purpose of making sure each step taken or stair climbed is measured to help improve overall wellness.

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May 2015