As sports fans, we consume approximately 31 billion hours of sports per year, and over 137 million people last year watched the NFL on TV. As restaurant and entertainment brands, the question more and more these days is WHERE are they watching? The sports bars of old serving “bar food” are being overlooked with more and more consumers opting for gastropubs with craft beer options, or settling for the safer options like the large chain sports bar/restaurants.

Having partnered with multiple entertainment and restaurant entities over the years we’ve become obsessed with what is now the science of attracting fans to brands. Or in marketing speak, how do we gain brand advocates? When working with the likes of Harrah’s Casinos, Boston’s Pizza and Twin Peaks, it became apparent that it wasn’t just about appealing to consumers sense of food, beverage and gaming, rather how do we provide a unique entertainment experience. And the reality is restaurants aren’t competing amongst themselves, rather they are competing with elevated home entertainment systems, digital platforms like Twitter live streaming NFL games, or multi-use entertainment entities like Pinstack or Dave and Buster’s. Maybe we’re old school, but some of us still like the sports bar environment and the excitement of watching a game or fight amongst other fans focused simply on the game. A phone, tablet, or Twitter stream can’t completely replace being a part of the action.

As “entertainment brands” restaurants must continue to provide an elevated experience to their fans, because ultimately a bad experience will drive them away, likely to never return. In fact, in a recent study 84% of restaurant goers return based on their experience.  We’re not going to stop the disruption of technology and social media in the space, but we must find new and unique ways to incorporate them into the fan experience. The good news is we no longer simply rely on SportsCenter for our news. Fans and restaurant-goers are more open than ever to getting information from unconventional sources, perhaps even your favorite sports bar? With social media, the authority on sports and information is changing, no longer are we just tuning into SportsCenter for an hour long download on today’s news.

At The Point Group, we are constantly tweaking the secret sauce, integrating the message strategy to speak to your fans in a way that encourages them to interact with your brand. From TV to digital video. From radio to social media. We can help you with your strategy and create a plan that not only brings your brand to life in a way that gets heard and remembered, but brings a customer through the door, and leaving as a brand fan. It's a recipe for success we take seriously. Before you make your next marketing play, call us and see how the Point Group difference can help you take your media plan to a higher level.