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Introducing a scalable signature lead generation program for Senior Quality Lifestyle Corporation


The Stayton at Museum Way is a senior living community in Fort Worth, Texas, dedicated to providing quality hospitality, housing, health care and financial security to enhance the lives of its residents. By 2014, The Stayton was seeing an increase in market competition and needed a competitive edge.


To counter the pressures of a crowded marketplace, we opted to create a signature lead generation vehicle for The Stayton. Specifically, the solution needed to deliver an increase in occupancy rates for the community. At the same time, we intentionally developed a solution that could be scaled up and leveraged in other communities operated by the parent company, Senior Quality Lifestyle Corporation (SQLC).


In 2014, our Senior Lifestyle division introduced “The Stayton Red Carpet Speaker Series™.” Designed to generate new leads, reengage people who had shown a previous interest and build excitement in an increasingly competitive market, the initial series featured an enviable line-up of speakers including Rick Steves, Tony Mendez, Lt. Col. Oliver North, Henry Winkler and Jack Hanna.


The series was a resounding success, generating nearly 450 new leads and re-inquiries. Of the 48 new sales in 2014, 77% attended one or more Red Carpet events before depositing and five sales came as a direct result of a Red Carpet event. Building on that success, the series was continued annually at The Stayton. SQLC also decided to implement the strategy at its other communities in Texas and Indiana, where it continues to yield positive outcomes.

"The Point Group continually stays ahead of the game when it comes to industry trends, and they understand how to positively promote our senior living communities."
Kristen McCaig | Vice President of Sales and Marketing, SQLC

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