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Creating momentum for launch of The Groves through brand positioning and integrated marketing


The Groves, an affluent master-planned community comprised of single family homes, is set in a densely wooded area northwest of Houston. The developer went to great lengths to preserve the trees and natural surroundings of the community, even offering new residents the services of a personal arborist. Unlike many other Houston suburbs, The Groves is located in an upcoming area near Lake Houston that does not actively promote itself. Tasked with the launch, we knew we would be on our own when it came to promoting the benefits of the area and creating a destination for living. Additionally, this was Crescent Communities first offering within the market, notable for its well-established local developers and highly competitive real estate development landscape. Our job was to create a brand image for the community and the corporation from the ground up and to drive sales.


Our goal was to attract young families and empty nesters who wouldn’t mind the downtown commute and might have a family member working in Houston’s north corridor. Based on market research, we formulated a campaign strategy that highlighted the difference between the area competition and the quality of the surroundings, builders, environment and personality of The Groves. This approach was established as the platform for every communication angle we pursued.


The creative message for The Groves—Life in the Woods—was used as the primary force for its debut in the market. From the welcome center and billboards to the sales collateral and website, we took The Groves’ unique selling proposition and surrounded the brand with messaging about trees and natural beauty. The marketing focused on being able to create your own backyard and live in an amenity-rich community. It started with the sales center, which showcased spectacular views of the community, and moved into an Earth Day Grand Opening celebration, which allowed families to experience the great outdoors in fun and unusual ways. The campaign continued with print, broadcast and digital messaging that featured trees as the canvas. The website was designed to showcase the lifestyle advantages of being surrounded by sylvan beauty.


Over 400 persons attended the grand opening event. The award-winning creative for the sales center, print advertising and website created a momentum in sales that led to the early start of Phase Two, the early launch of the Fish Camp amenity and further sales growth that induced two new builders to join the community. And, The Groves continued to achieve positive month-over-month sales growth in an increasingly sluggish market.

"The Point Group was instrumental to the launch of our four communities in Texas. They took a proactive approach and stayed on focus to ensure brand integrity across all platforms. Their creative thinking and ability to integrate PR, collateral, digital media and advertising helped bring our brand to life."
Kevin Huston | Regional Marketing Director, Crescent Communities

Integrated Services exercised in The Groves

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