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Harnessing the power and potential of a website to rebrand and reinvigorate business


When it welcomed its first patients in 2008, Enterhealth was truly a maverick in addiction treatment. Unlike most of its national competitors, Enterhealth approached substance abuse as complex and chronic brain disease in need of expert medical, psychological and therapeutic attention. Offering a full continuum of care between its ranch-style residential treatment facility located just north of Dallas, Texas, and an outpatient center within the city, Enterhealth provided a personalized, evidence-based alternative to traditional 12-step programs.

The Point Group was engaged to launch the business. Focusing on two audiences—consumers and the B2B market (physician referrals)—we developed an integrated marketing strategy with core messaging that resonated strongly with a market searching for effective solutions. Seven years later, that messaging was no longer unique in the marketplace. Numerous competitors had adopted Enterhealth’s successful communications strategy, incorporating elements such as dual diagnosis, comprehensive treatment, addiction as a brain disease and use of anti-addiction medications into their brand platforms, whether they delivered on these pillars or not. Therefore, Enterhealth sought to distinguish itself—to clearly communicate the complexity of its medically based treatment approach, emphasize its singular attributes and align with an audience willing to invest in better treatment.


To strengthen Enterhealth’s position within the market, we needed to evaluate and modify our overall strategy. We conducted qualitative research with individuals who had past experiences with recovery programs. While customized treatment and effectiveness still ranked high in importance, the results indicated that families in the throes of an addiction crisis tended to rely on professional assistance from a trusted advisor when determining a treatment plan. Therefore, we repositioned Enterhealth as the trusted advisor with consumers and as the trusted peer advisor with referring physicians. This refinement in messaging was delivered through a multi-faceted marketing strategy that focused on lead generation.


To relaunch Enterhealth, an integrated marketing strategy—targeting affluent, educated consumers and potential referring physicians—was designed to generate leads. To signal a change in the market and underscore Enterhealth’s expertise, we introduced a new logo and developed a comprehensive package of educational collateral for both audiences. We created a Trusted Advisor broadcast campaign for radio and TV that spoke to both B2C and B2B audiences and expanded PR initiatives to include thought leadership through topical releases and blogs. For the B2B sector, we developed CME webinars, newsletters and invitation-only speaking engagements and events.

The centerpiece of our efforts, however, was the website. A newly reimagined web presence allowed users to experience Enterhealth as the trusted advisor from the moment they entered the site. We segmented the user experiences by audience, leading patients, families and referring physicians into distinct areas of the site to generate more engagement and, ultimately, more leads. Strong calls-to-action were placed throughout the site and a click-to-call platform was added for mobile to facilitate engagement whenever users reached the critical point of their purchase/decision journey. Once launched, all marketing efforts and channels were employed to drive traffic to this new website.

Knowing that 80% of all healthcare research is performed online and that Enterhealth’s intake statistics indicated most of its admits came through the website, we built a robust digital campaign to garner more exposure. The digital platform allowed us to target a regional audience for ranch patients and a hyper-local target for outpatient services. PPC campaigns, digital news networks with video and animated banners helped us find, connect with and deliver the trusted advisor message to audiences online.


One year after launching this new marketing program, residential patient intake had increased by 24% and the outpatient practice had expanded by 10%. With the newly focused approach promoting expertise and targeting educated, private-pay patients, the company received fewer unqualified inquiries and more qualified patients—yielding a significant increase in admissions.

"We continually rely on The Point Group for strategic leadership. The agency helps us navigate a constantly changing marketplace and reach potential clients through innovative marketing initiatives."
David Kniffen, Jr. | President, Enterhealth

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