Fluid and influential connections and conversations
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Connecting. Sharing. Listening. The rapidly evolving area of social media marketing is all about creating engagement. At The Point Group, we uncover common interests between brands and audiences. Our social specialists understand the nuances of the various social platforms, including when and how the channels can be harnessed most effectively and how strategy and implementation are delineated by the type of business interaction, be it B2B or B2C. They develop intriguing shareable content—posts with a purpose, that drive conversations and connections. They facilitate reputation management and coordinate content with one voice across multiple social sites that possess distinct purposes and mindsets. They integrate with and enhance other marketing initiatives and channels, such as video, web sites, advertising and branding. And, they listen closely, monitoring and evaluating how audiences interact with the brand and leveraging insights to adapt messaging, develop content and realize new opportunities. The metrics they employ are designed to measure not only the performance of the social marketing efforts (the clicks, likes, conversions), but the impact the efforts have on the business as a whole.

We create connections through:

  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other apps
  • Blogs